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We’ve all heard the saying “yolo”, popular with kids in the 2010s. 

The saying is an acronym that stands for 

“You Only Live Once”. As much pop culture as the term has become, it still holds extremely true in every day life. There is a common misconception in our society where we seem t...

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November 19th, 2019 is a date that I will always remember. A day where my first real life epiphany occurred. This day was supposed to be a new chapter in my career. I was headed to the hospital in Jacksonville, Fl, for a common baseball operation called “Tommy John” surgery. Most times, the surgery ...
02/24/22 10:18 PM - Comment(s)
I first heard this concept of “Don’t put off living” in a book recently. Titled, “The Monk who Sold his Ferrari”, it’s a story about a hot-shot lawyer who gives up everything to become a monk in the mountains. Late in the book, Julian, the antagonist, goes into detail about his decision to give up a...
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Today we’re looking at how to make the decision of when to push or when to fall back in-season when it comes to your strength and conditioning program.

Understanding when to push yourself in the gym should be a point of emphasis if athletic performance is the key quality that you are training for....

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