Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the services we provide, what we do, or who we are? Take a look at the FAQs below. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

How can I be confident in your training abilities?

Credentials and Experience

First of all: Credentials. Our founder, owner, and main trainer, Andrew Burdick, has a BS in Kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movements), an MS in Sports Nutrition, as well as a number of industry-specific accreditations that he has undergone training and work to achieve. The amount of knowledge he possesses goes beyond that of a basic "Personal Trainer" and allows him to integrate scientific principles and new research into the things he teaches his clients.

Secondly: Experience. We invite you to stop by for a free session or zoom consultation prior to signing on for any training or programming and experience what we have to offer. You can experience for yourself what our methods are like and decide if you want to work with us.
I've never worked out before. Can you help me?


If you're a beginner and need help learning movement and workout basics, we would recommend that you sign up for some training sessions (in-person or on zoom) so that you can learn from a professional. Over time you will learn more and feel more confident in your abilities. Our goal for you is that you will gain more independence at the gym and be able to transition from a personal training client to a programming client.
I work out a lot already. How can you help me?

Goal Planning and Execution

If you're already confident in your gym know-how and need guidance on achieving your fitness goals, you're a great candidate to be a programming client. As a programming client, we provide you with a workout plan customized to your ability level and goals, and you execute it yourself at the gym. Once a month you meet with us for a for a session (in person or on zoom) to asses your progress and discuss changes that you want for next month's program. We want all of our clients to get to this point by feeling independent at the gym and empowered to work out on their own.
Why should I pay for training when there are free programs online?

Individualized Training Techniques

There are free programs available out there online, however, none of those were designed with you, the individual, in mind. They are generic programs written for mass consumption. If you have any old injuries that impact your movements, unique goals you are working towards, or specific athletic skills you are trying to build, those programs are not going to be designed specially to help you overcome those things and you aren't going to progress as far using those programs as you would with our custom plans.
What do your services cost?

Affordable and Effective

Currently, a 4-week personalized program with coaching and a 1 hour session to check in is $65 every 4 weeks (please note: 4 weeks is not the same thing as one month, and you would be billed 13 times per year instead of 12). Our personal training sessions run $40/hour if you come to us, and $75 an hour if we need to travel to meet you (limits on distance do apply). Many of our clients begin with a mix of personal training sessions and a personalized 4-week program, and then, as they learn more, transition to working out independently at the gym using only their 4-week program. Achieving a level of fitness independence is our goal for all of our clients.
Are you taking COVID-19 precautions?

Open Air and Sanitation

It has always been our practice to sanitize equipment between client sessions for the health and safety of our clients and staff, and we will continue to keep our facilities clean during this time. We have offered online coaching and remote sessions since the founding of our company, and encourage anyone who would prefer to interact online to use these methods. If the client prefers to wear a mask during training sessions they are welcome to do so (and we are happy to wear one as well), but we don’t require this due to the sometimes strenuous nature of training. Our new outdoor turf field training facility offers plenty of room for social distancing for our upcoming group fitness sessions, and we sanitize all equipment between classes. If client’s personalized 4-week program is based on gym access, and their gym shuts down, we will rework the program for the remainder of their 4 weeks to accommodate whatever equipment they have available at their home. We also rent out our own extra equipment during gym shutdowns so that clients can continue working out independently.

Ready to transform?

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