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AB Sports Performance offers personal training sessions in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas. Whether your goal is to decrease body fat, build muscle, or improve your general fitness level, we can create an individualized fitness plan for you.

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Whether your goal is to decrease body fat, build muscle, or improve your general fitness level, our staff and exercise protocol will keep you focused, motivated and accountable.

Reframing Fitness Session

A free consultation session will be given, this session will involve a movement assessment designed to identify the specific needs of each individual. This session will serve as the framework in which we will use to paint your personalized training program, creating a path to your goals. Every individual who trains at ABSP will have a unique exercise/nutritional protocol with the results of our free assessment. 

Personal Training

1:1 coach to client ratio. Individualized Training. This is for individuals that require their own strength coach. The plan will be designed based on the needs of the individual. The components in the program will consist of but not limited to the following: mobility, plyometric, strength, and energy system development. 

Semi Private Training

Small group 1:6 coach to client ratio. Personalized Programming. The groups will be limited to no more than 6 participants a session. Each session will be designed with a focus on weight training, mobility, or anaerobic conditioning. These sessions are up-tempo and have a great atmosphere. 

Virtual Personal Training

This program is designed to mesh with your lifestyle. This option is flexible as well as cost effective. This 4 week subscription comes with a complimentary session to gauge progress and lend guidance to how to be more effective moving forward. 

Are you a company looking to provide personal training benefits to your employees? Call/text (813) 760-4217 today to discuss group training options.

What our clients are saying:

"As I am someone who is brand new to personal training, Coach Andrew is perfect for anyone looking for a trainer. Because of him I was able to bring up multiple personal records within a couple months. I had certain goals in training for the standards of a service academy, and he helped me achieved them in such a short amount of time. He redefined my training routine in both strength and cardio. I cannot describe how much gratitude I have for his continuous support and guidance in my growth. This is more than than just physical training, it is an bond that is built up in both one-on-one experiences and with other trainees. I highly recommend AB Sports Performance." - Matt M.

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