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AB Sports Performance offers sports performance training sessions in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas. We help driven athletes reach the next level in their sport through personalized workout and nutrition programs.

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Sport performance is our specialty.

We include all of our features of personal and small group training with our sport performance members. We also travel to different clubs and associations to implement a full strength and conditioning session including a dynamic warm-up, games to enhance athlete engagement and speed & agility training. 


Strength Training is the platform from which athletic performance is produced. Using proven strength training methods, this side of training leads to not only stronger athletes but humans that are more robust withstanding the grueling schedule of sport.


Speed Training is imperative to be successful at the highest levels. High velocity training blends with our strength work to be displayed in sport. We will work on sprint mechanics, change of direction, acceleration & deceleration, and running techniques.


Nutrition is a major part to the formula of high-performance. Using an evidence-based approach and sound principles, we employ education and applied techniques to ensure that all elements of an athletes diet and lifestyle are geared towards achieving their high-performance goals. This ensures our athletes are putting their highest effort forth daily.


Following scientific principles, our programs are built to fit the needs of the athlete in this high-performance world. We focus on exercise protocol, technique, application and design to enhance sports performance and reduce the chance of potential injury.  
"Stress + Rest = Growth" - Brad Stulberg

Are you a sports club looking to provide strength and conditioning workouts for your athletes? Call/text (813) 760-4217 today to discuss group training options.

What our clients are saying:

"I have been working with Coach Burdick since 2017 and I have enjoyed every experience. The growth that I noticed in my strength surprised me because I didn't think I could be faster or jump higher, but being in the  environment offered by ABSP really helped me full fill my potential as an athlete. Coach Burdick knows lots about the body and its movement. I had injuries that I didn't think I could overcome, but with the professional guidance was able to heal and be even more powerful and explosive. We pushed my body to prepare for the collegiate level! I recommend him to family, friends, athlete, or anyone looking to shape up!!" - Aniah R.

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