03/11/22 06:57 AM Comment(s) By abspweb

We’ve all heard the saying “yolo”, popular with kids in the 2010s. 

The saying is an acronym that stands for 

“You Only Live Once”. As much pop culture as the term has become, it still holds extremely true in every day life. There is a common misconception in our society where we seem to always be scared to take the leap. We’ve become a society that is used to comfort and tranquility in our daily lives. This has created a culture of individuals who don’t take risks because of the fear of failure. Failure is and will always be the best teacher. Risk vs reward is a common way to measure out whether risks should be taken or not. I challenge you to take the risk. A good strategy that I have is to flip a coin when making tough decisions. The flip of the coin puts your risk in fates hands, which I find kind of cool. The flip of the coin takes the risk out of it for me. If my decision is in the hands of the universe, I have to trust what it has for me. Take that risk today and realize that life is all about making the leap no matter what it is. 

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